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my designs

( non-exhaustive list )


Creation of a website with presentation for healthy food products developed by a French laboratory


Website redesign for a psychotherapist, sophrologist and hypnotherapist with new visual identity and graphic charter, restructuring and better visibility of content, research and proposed photos and operations with the host


Creation of an ergonomic Data Vizualization tool, arrangement and visibility of customers KPIs to subsidiaries in many countries for a major French car manufacturer


Creation of an administrative and accounting management application adapted to the activity of a very small metallurgical company in the north of France


Creation of a project monitoring tool to have a clear and visual visibility on all current subjects according to their status and their progress with alerts for a team of fifteen people


Creation of a logo and website for a sports and cultural association presenting the activities, offering registration and online payment

Realization and sending of newsletters for members


Implementation of a Knowledge Management tool based on Wordpress system with creation of a personalized theme allowing the team to share in a more ergonomic way the know-how and knowledge of the IT project

but also

Community Manager - Publication - Documentation - Communication
Report - Training - Presentation - Invitation - Calendar - Logos...

and ongoing projects